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FAQ's About Healthe-Scheduler

We have put together an extensive list of questions often asked. 


What is Healthe-Scheduler?

A highly secure online scheduling system that allows new customers, as well as current customers, to quickly and conveniently set appointments with you, 24x7x365.

What makes Healthe-Scheduler different from other online scheduling service?

1. Healthe-Scheduler is extremely sensitive to various privacy and ethic standards for customer data storage and transmission.  Data is deleted from storage upon retrieval, better giving customers a sense of security and privacy. 

2. Two points of access are needed to gain customer information. 

3. Immediate notification when a customer is schedules an appointment via email and text messages on your cell phone.

4. No software to install or learn.

5. Extremely easy to use.  After your link is added to your website, you will have your schedule up and running within minutes.

6. Not time consuming.  To add or delete appointments is very quick and easy.  Retrieving information literally takes seconds from your Internet connection.

7. No barriers or requests of your clients to establish an account with your service. They just want to schedule an appointment!

How do I get Healthe-Scheduler working for me?

After you select the type of subscription and set up your account, you will be emailed a link code that will do two things:

1.  It will automatically insert the icon you chose when setting up your account


2.  The associated link with this icon will take your customers directly to your scheduling system.

On your webpage, you or your web site developer simply inserts this link code wherever you choose and the Healthe-Scheduler function is activated. 

What is needed to use Healthe-Scheduler?

An email account.  However, we strongly recommend also having a cell phone that allows text messages.  Most wireless companies offer a limited number of text messages for free or charge a very nominal rate for text messages.

Who or what professionals is Healthe-Scheduler appropriate for?

Any professional who needs assistance in scheduling customers: psychotherapists, physical therapists, sales representatives, massage therapists, financial planners, attorneys, to name a few.  Healthe-Scheduler is great for the solo and small business owner depending on a full schedule for revenue.

How do I avoid double booking?

Many professionals will keep their online schedule available only for online customers. If a customer schedules live or via telephone with you an appointment that is available online, you can quickly delete the online appointment. 

What if I have a receptionist?

Your receptionist will thank you for this system!  It increases their time to accomplish other office activities.  Also, it helps them better manage appointments as they can refresh your online schedule daily, better insuring more schedule options for current and potential customers.

How much time is needed to update my schedule?

Some professionals update daily, others weekly.  If you were to post your openings, for say next week on Healthe-Scheduler, it would probably take you a maximum of 10 minutes to enter the times available.

How long does it take to retrieve customer information?

Seconds.  Once you have your Internet connection, you log into your scheduling system using your username and password (which you can have Internet Explorer or FireFox remember) and then cut and paste or type the random alphanumeric code sent to you.  You will then have access to the person who scheduled an appointment with you.

How does Healthe-Scheduler work?

Customers access only those time slots you make available, they choose an appointment time, and you are IMMEDIATELY notified by both email and text messaging on a cell phone that the time slot has been filled.

Why can't a customer delete an appointment they scheduled online?

We have found that customers will then use the scheduling system as a reservation system.  Last minute cancellations increase.  They are less committed to the appointment they scheduled.

Is Healthe-Scheduler Secure?

Extremely secure is the best description.  Multiple levels of security are built in: encryption, firewalls, three points of identification to access information.  All are industry standards to protect client privacy.   

What if I don't have a web page?
Web sites are inexpensive and easy to get set up.  Most Internet Service Providers offer basic websites for less than $10 per month.  Given you can set up such functions as paperwork downloads and scheduling, a website is a real time and cost saver.  Also, you should give close consideration to the following information compiled by the University of Minnesota:

63% of Americans expect professionals to have a website describing their service or product

47% of Internet users are more likely to use a company that has website

Do you have any suggestions for an Internet Service Provider?

Our first suggestion is to find a company, locally, that will set up your website.  Typically, you can find these companies listed in the yellow pages under website developers.  After a few calls, compare what they offer, with what you can find on the Internet.  Using the keywords "website development" you will find many companies offering services from very basic to complicated.  We have found prices for quality services for as little as $10.00 per month. 

You can also contact our website developer, Hostworks, to get a quote.





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