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Fact Sheet for Healthe-Scheduler

Some clarifications of the online scheduling system



What is Healthe-Scheduler?

A highly secure online scheduling system that allows new customers, as well as current customers, to quickly and conveniently set appointments with you, 24/7/365.


How does Healthe-Scheduler work?

Customers access only those time slots you make available, they choose an appointment time, and you are IMMEDIATELY notified by both email and text messaging on a cell phone that the time slot has been filled.

Does Healthe-Scheduler allow my customers easy, non invasive scheduling?

Yes.  While other systems will require your customers to create accounts with user ID’s and passwords, the Healthe-Scheduler system allow your customers to quickly and easily schedule appointments. 


Is an online calendar?

No.  It is best to consider the Healthe-Scheduler system as a powerful communication tool.  You are communicating to your customers appointments available and they are communicating to you a selected appointment time.

Do I put all my available times on the Healthe-Scheduler system?

Most subscribers limit the times available for online scheduling.  For example, some subscribers will place standing/recurrent appointment times for new clients, while other subscribers will place “open times” they have over the next couple of weeks. The great feature of the Healthe-Scheduler system is YOU have control and flexibility of the schedule you want available online.


Is Healthe-Scheduler Secure?

Extremely Secure is the best description.  Multiple levels of security are built in: encryption, firewalls, user identification and password are needed to access information.  All are industry standards to protect client privacy.


Why is the data deleted after the expiration time I choose?

Subscribers delivering highly sensitive services (legal, health care, mental health services) are subjected to strict HIPAA regulations.  Storing data and providing a mechanism to “beam” or transfer the data to such mechanisms as a PDA or Outlook falls under regulations of “data transfer.”  Most small businesses and sole proprietorships typically find systems allowing data transfer of privacy information cost prohibitive. 


What is needed to use Healthe-Scheduler?

An email account.  However, we strongly recommend also having a cell phone that allows text messages.  Most wireless companies offer a limited number of text messages for free or charge a very nominal rate for text messages.





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