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Press Release


November 2005

Denver, CO, November 4, 2005 --  A new and flexible Internet - based system allowing small business, entrepreneurs and self employed to provide 24 X 7 online scheduling is the latest in business development and expansion for your company offered by  If you feel you are running behind the curve in growing your client base or getting new clients, HealthE-Scheduler is a powerful marketing tool for gaining new referrals or offering outstanding service to present clients.

“We have presented this system at two conferences and the response has been extremely positive,” says Tracy Todd, Ph.D.  “It is present day fact that many professionals are using Internet directories or have web sites.  Linking to HealthE-Scheduler and offering online scheduling with a simple ‘point and click’ is a natural development,” says Todd.

 “If a customer is already online when they find you, why should clients need to make a phone call to schedule an appointment?” HealthE-Scheduler is an affordable means to set appointments, compliments your internal promotional programs, eliminates hiring additional telephone staff and connects customers to you directly.

“No more phone tag when scheduling appointments. What’s that worth in growing your business? Todd asks.

Tracey Ayers points out, “The HealthE-Scheduler system is ridiculously easy to learn, there is no software to install, and customers find the system intuitively easy.”  In addition, Ayers points out probably the most important quality of the system, “It already uses a three point identification system insuring security and privacy, the same system that online banking systems need to create in the coming year.”

Tracy Todd, one of two partners in HealthE-Scheduler is an award winning innovator of systems in the field of mental health and business building. He has been interviewed by USA Today,, The Wall Street Journal, KGO Radio, Glamour Magazine and Psychotherapy Finances.

Tracey Ayers, a principal in HealthE-Scheduler, has served as the financial and operations manager for a small business in mental health which serves nearly 1,000 clients per year.  The practice model continues to be recognized throughout the mental health community as being on the cutting edge of service delivery.

“For 10 years we have thrived on innovation that enhances the convenience of consumers trying to access services, regardless of the service,” she says. She received the Behavioral Health Centura Innovation  Award in 1997 for innovation in mental health.

HealthE-Scheduler is a Westminster, CO-based company. Please visit them at for a product demonstration and pricing.

**As of 2-1-08, Tracy Todd is no longer a principal in Health E-Scheduler and the business has been relocated to Littleton, CO under the ownership of Tracey Ayers.






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