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What is Healthe-Scheduler?


Healthe-Scheduler is an online scheduling service.  A simple link, added to your  profile page, provides those reviewing your credentials an immediate method to schedule an appointment. 


For less than one copay per month ($9.95 per month for individual users) new clients can schedule an appointment with you 24x7x365.  When an appointment is scheduled, you are immediately notified by text message to your cell phone and email. 


The system is easy to install, easy to use, and easy to update creating a win-win situation between you and your new clients.


Benefits of the online scheduling system include:

  • No software needed
  • Immediate installation
  • 3 points of security access helping insure privacy protection
  • List multiple locations without additional charges
  • Your logo and/or picture is added to the subscription helping reassure users
  • Scheduling updates are easy and quick to make

Potential new clients benefit by:

  • Having your schedule available 24x7x365
  • Accessing an extremely quick and easy to use system
  • They can schedule in privacy of their home
  • High security gives them confidence with the system
  • Can schedule appointments day or night, weekday or weekend, holidays
  • They can print a receipt with the appointment date and time, location of your office and and special instructions or greetings.

For a demonstration, please click the Healthe-Scheduler icon.




Easy Setup

Steps to Subscribe

1.  Click on Price and Purchase

2.  Have your AAMFT ID ready

3.  Purchase the plan meeting your needs

4.  You will be sent the following instructional emails:

     a) user ID and temporary password

     b) a link

To install your Healthe-Scheduler system:

1.  Copy the line of code included in your instructional email

2.  Paste the line of code on your profile page



Profile Setup

Now you simply log into your profile page and fill out your information:

  • change your password
  • enter the text message address you want notifications sent
  • enter the email address you want notifications sent
  • enter appointment times available for scheduling
  • office locations, phone numbers
  • "Notes" or special instructions for your clients scheduling online


For those providers with websites, simply add the scheduling information to your website at no additional charge.  Give ALL potential and current clients additional benefits:

  • No phone tag hassles trying to reschedule
  • Decreased time and hassle with call backs to reschedule appointments of current clients
  • New customers from other referral sources can schedule when visiting your website
  • Educate referral sources to use your online scheduling system giving you the competitive advantage over other practices





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